Renting made simple for agencies & property owners.

Simplify and automate your rent collections & invoicing process with advanced tools made easy. We make it easy to pay & collect rent, manage tenants, and track property expenses.

Support for 5+ Payment Providers so far 🇰🇪

    • MPESA
    • KCB Bank
    • COOP Bank
    • NCBA
    • Equity Bank
    • Paypal

Everything you need to run your rental business.

We give you less stress and more time.

Communicate with your tenants on maintainance issues, send announcements and receive payments all in one platform.

Digitalize your property

Digitize and store all your payments history, receipts and expenses in our secure and easy-to-access cloud service.


Stay on top of things with always up-to-date reporting features.

We don’t offer this as part of our software but that statement is inarguably true. Accurate reporting would help you for sure


Never lose track of your invoices and payments with our invoicing features.

Once your tenants are set up for success, effortlessly stay on top of everything. Automate late fees, recurring invoices, bills, expenses & invoice reminders.


Organize all of your tenants, property vendors, and invoices in one place.

From rent payments to utilities and security deposits, we make getting paid easier. We also make it easy to pay your vendors.

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It’s time to take control of your rental business. Now paying rent each month — and collecting it — is more convenient for everyone.

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Loved by renters countrywide 🇰🇪

The foundation for your rentals. Simplicity is easy when you just skip tons of mission-critical features.

    • Rentlipa has made managing my rental properties a breeze. I love the convenience of being able to access all of my tenant information and financials in one place.

      Raymond Kangogo
      Raykay Commercial Agency
    • As a first-time landlord, Rentlipa has been an invaluable tool in helping me navigate the rental process. The resources and support provided by the app have made my experience much less stressful.

      Mike Kariuki
      Maiko Agencies
    • I have been using Rentlipa for over a year now and I can confidently say it has saved me countless hours of paperwork and headaches. The communication tools and automated rent collection features are a game changer.

      Allan Kemboi
      Eagle Commercial Agency
    • Rentlipa has made managing my rental properties hassle-free. From rent collection to communication with tenants, everything is just a click away.

      David Mwangi
      Davcom Commercial Agency
    • I switched to Rentlipa from another rental management app and I have been extremely impressed with the level of service and attention to detail provided by the Rentlipa team.

      Susan Mwangi
      Mungai Commercial Agency
    • Rentlipa has revolutionized the way I handle my rental properties. The ability to handle everything from tenant screening to maintenance requests on the app has been a huge time-saver.

      Daniel Kamau
      Dankam Commercial Agency


Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your rental business is, pay as you grow.


Good for anyone with less than 100 units or just getting started.

Ksh 3000

  • Manage up to 100 units
  • Get 300 free SMS every month
  • Local Banks, MPESA and PayPal
  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Free Customer Support
  • Zero Maintenance Fees
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Silver Plan

Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.

Ksh 5000

  • Manage up to 500 units
  • Get 800 free SMS every month
  • Local Banks, MPESA and PayPal
  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Free Customer Support
  • Zero Maintenance Fees
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Gold Plan

For even the biggest rental businesses with over 500 units.

Ksh 9000

  • Manage unlimited number of units
  • Get 1500 free SMS every month
  • Local Banks, MPESA and PayPal
  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Free Customer Support
  • Zero Maintenance Fees
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • How does Rentlipa Work?

      Rentlipa is a cloud-based rental management app that allows landlords to easily manage their properties, tenants, and financials all in one place. You can list your properties, screen tenants, collect rent, track expenses, and communicate with tenants all through the app.

    • Can I list multiple properties on Rentlipa?

      Absolutely,Yes, you can list and manage multiple properties. The app allows you to add and organize different properties within your account.

    • How do I screen tenants with Rentlipa?

      Rentlipa has built-in tenant screening tools that allow you to quickly and easily screen tenants. You can gather information such as their rental history, and employment status, and also run background checks.

    • Is Rentlipa Secure?

      Yes, Rentlipa takes security very seriously and uses bank-level encryption to protect your data. Your information is stored on secure servers and is only accessible to you and your authorized users.

    • Can i collect rent through Rentlipa?

      Yes, Rentlipa offers automated rent collection that makes it easy for you to collect rent from your tenants. Rentlipa currently supports MPESA, KCB Bank, COOP Bank, NCBA Bank and Equity Bank payments. More Providers coming soon.

    • How does Rentlipa help me track my expenses?

      Rentlipa has a built-in expense tracking feature that allows you to log and track all of your rental expenses. You can also upload receipts and invoices to keep all of your records in one place.

    • Can I communicate with my tenants through Rentlipa?

      Yes, Rentlipa has a built-in messaging feature that allows you to communicate with your tenants directly through the app. This makes it easy to keep track of all your tenant communications in one place.

    • Can tenants download payment receipts?

      Yes! Tenants can download digitally signed payment receipts as PDF document.

    • Is Rentlipa Mobile Friendly?

      Yes, Rentlipa is fully optimized for mobile use, you can access the app from any device, at any time. Android and iOS apps are coming soon.

    • What kind of support does Rentlipa offer?

      Rentlipa offers a variety of support options, including email and phone support as well as an extensive knowledge base that can be accessed through the app.

    • Is there a free trial for Rentlipa?

      No, Rentlipa does not offer a free trial. However, you can view a demo at to try out all of the premium features.

    • Can tenants create a maintainance issue?

      Yes! Once a tenant creates an issue, the property managers are notified and they can communicate with the tenant to resolve the issue.

    • How can i get help?

      Incase you need help and can't find help in the documentation please email us [email protected]